Photograph courtesy of the National Arts Council, Singapore.

The Glowers Drama Group


The Glowers Drama Group is Singapore’s pioneering seniors’ theatre group led by theatre-television actress, Catherine Sng. It was first established in 2003 under DramaPlus Arts and later in January 2008, The Glowers became the voluntary drama wing of the Centre For Seniors.


The Glowers was formed with the aim of engaging the seniors, especially the retired, through the fun of drama. This community theatre group is made up dynamic seniors with ages ranging from the fifties to the eighties. The primary aim of The Glowers is to provide a platform for seniors to stay mentally and physically alert and active, showcase their talent and expand their social network.


The group comes together weekly at the Kampong Glam Community Club to create performances in English, Mandarin, various Chinese dialects as well as Malay and Tamil. The Glowers have two very distinct repertoires – one that goes out to corporate events, local and international arts festivals, and the other specifically to engage the elderly residents living in the area. These elderly residents are usually on financial assistance or are living alone, and engaging them helps cheer them up and provides an avenue for them to socialise and make new friends. Residents are engaged on an average of once every two months with simple arts-based activities like group singalongs and treated to watch one major show a year performed by The Glowers.


In 2018, The Glowers became one of the international acts at the World Gold Theatre Festival 2018 in Saitama, Japan. Their play, Kampong Chempedak, first premiered in Singapore in 2016 as a commissioned piece by the National Arts Council for the Silver Arts Festival. Set in the late ‘60s, it tells the story of a village on the brink of resettlement.  Kampong Chempedak is presented in Chinese dialects like Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and Khek and includes Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English.


Photograph courtesy of the National Arts Council, Singapore.


Photograph courtesy of the National Arts Council, Singapore.





Key Figures

















Catherine Sng

Founder and Principal Trainer



Peggy Ferroa

Producer-Writer, International and
Corporate Projects



Jalyn Han

Artistic Director


A veteran on local stage, television, movies and experimental short films, Catherine has made many invaluable contributions to Singapore's arts and entertainment scene for more than 20 years. Talented and eye-catching, she immediately gained the attention of TV audiences when she made her TV debut in Comedy Night, a mandarin variety show on then-TCS 8. Her role as Aunty Chong in the English drama serial, Growing Up, telecast on then-TCS 5, further made Catherine a familiar face on local television. But Catherine's career has traversed beyond television. Her portfolio also chronicles significant involvement in theatre, film and Cantonese opera, with performances in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Catherine is also actively engaged in production, directing and script-writing. Catherine began conducting drama and acting classes to the seniors in 2003 at local drama company, DramaPlus Arts (now defunct). In 2008, she founded The Glowers Drama Group together with the pioneer batch of participants who has grown with Catherine through the years. Now, Catherine is the Principal Trainer of The Glowers Drama Group, actively enriching the lives of the seniors with her years of acting and production experience.


Peggy started out as an actor on stage and screen in 1987 and has now firmly established herself as a leading Community Artist and Applied Theatre Practitioner in Singapore. She successfully works with people with no arts background to create meaningful performances. Her practice is to understand each person before creating pieces that bring out the essence of each individual as well as the community in the best aesthetic form. Although she writes in English, it has not stopped Peggy from creating authentic performances for communities in their mother tongue such as the Peranakans and heartlanders who communicate best in Malay, Tamil and local Chinese dialects. Her work as a Community Artist started in 2006 and her repertoire to date also includes corporates, senior citizens, inmates, ex-offenders and people with special needs. Through theatre, she helps audiences understand the lives, circumstances and aspirations of each community. For The Glowers, Peggy has written and produced Live it Up, Kampong Chempedak,  and Tonic Soup Kitchen produced is currently working on a re-staging of ‘Kampong Chempedak,’ a play she wrote for The Glowers Drama Group (NAC’s Silver Arts Festival 2016).  This will be the first Singapore play that has been invited to the World Gold Theater 2018, a festival celebrating the arts for senior citizens, organised by the prestigious Saitama Arts Theater in Japan.  The play is next bound for the George Town Festival 2019.


Jalyn is a theatre practitioner and trainer with 40 years of experience in acting, directing, scriptwriting, and theatre education. She first completed the Acting and Directing Courses by the late Kuo Pao Kun in 1989, and attended Master Class in Directing by Prof Stanley A. Waren in 1991 and Advanced Acting course by Michael Lindsey Simpson in 1997 at Practice Performing Arts School. She started her performing arts journey with the SAF Music & Drama Company in 1979. She has worked with The Theatre Practice, Drama Box, The Necessary Stage, TheatreWorks, Toy Factory Theatre and Nine Years Theatre, as well as mainstream and special needs schools.








Our Performances


The Glowers has been performing since 2004.


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Catch Us on YouTube



Kampong Chempedak, World Gold Theater 2019, Saitama, Japan

Tonic Soup Kitchen, 2018

Kampong Chempedak, 2016/2018 

Voices of the Singapore River, 2014

From the Belly of the Carp, 2013

Live It Up, 2008







Our Members


Our members comprise seniors aged 50 and above who are active and passionate about performing. Many speak English and Mandarin and other common Chinese Languages in Singapore. Some also speak Malay and Tamil.


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Contact Us






The Glowers Drama Group resides within Kampong Glam Community Club:


Kampong Glam Community Club

385 Beach Road, Singapore 199581

Telephone: 6295 0741

(ask for The Glowers Drama Group)


Or write to us:



Getting There


Buses: 100, 961, 961C, 980 

Nearest bus stop: 01411

outside City Gate


Nearest MRT Station: Nicoll Highway

(Circle Line)












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